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Central Oregon Winegrowers
wines with an adventurous spirit  

Central Oregon Winegrowers' mission is to develop and promote awareness for a sustainable vineyard and wine culture by increasing the value of central Oregon wines. Dedicated to responsible land stewardship and preservation of central Oregon’s natural resources.

The Central Oregon Winegrowers have proven wine grapes can be successfully grown here with our wineries receiving awards for their wines. More importantly, our wines are for wine enthusiasts eager to learn and explore new wines. 

Upcoming Meeting 

Wednesday, June 12, 2024, at 6:00 pm

at Elixir Wine Bar

11 NW Lava Rd, Bend, OR 97703

 Explore Our Winegrowers 



Take a look at each individual winery to learn their story and more about their venue.

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Take a look at Central Oregon Winegrowers and see their current growing season. 



Yes, cold-hardy grapes can survive Central Oregon's winters..


Growing Grapes in Central Oregon

Cold air is heavier than warmer air so if there is no wind to keep the air churning, the cold air sinks to the lowest places in the vineyard, thus frost will develop there first. Hillsides are always preferred for growing grapes for this very reason as well as aspect to the sun. Dew point and Humidity also play a roll in when frost will occur as well as temperature.

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