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Central Oregon Winegrowers

The Central Oregon Winegrowers are adventurous winery and vineyards owners, determined to break new ground in Oregon.

Growing a blend of cold-hardy and vitis vinifera grapes, the Central Oregon Winegrowers are dedicated to sharing their knowledge of what it takes to grow grapes and make outstanding wines in Central Oregon with its volcanic soils, lava beds and unique climate. 

The Central Oregon Winegrowers have proven wine grapes can be successfully grown here with our wineries receiving awards for their wines. More importantly, our wines are for the wine enthusiasts eager to learn and explore new wines. 

The nonprofit organization welcomes anyone making wine and growing grapes in Central Oregon. For information, contact Kerry Damon at


All Great Stories Start with Wine

Central Oregon Wine

Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook County define Central Oregon. In Central Oregon, there are a total of:


* 60 acres of vineyards as of 2020, in Central Oregon between Deschutes, Jefferson, Crook Counties

* 6 local wineries - Lava Terrace Cellars, Faith Hope and Charity Vineyards, Maragas and Black Goat, Central Vineyards, Redside Ranch 

* 7 tasting rooms - Bledsoe, Evoke, Vin Plano, Stoller, Domaine Serene, Va Piano, Elixir Wine Group

* 14 vineyards

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